Rails is made of people


Ruby on Rails is for everyone who wants to build web applications, whether they're 30-year veterans or only just started to learn yesterday. All are welcome!

You can meet the community online on the Ruby on Rails Discussions or the the Ruby on Rails StackOverflow Q&A tag. We also do a yearly RailsConf conference for people to meet in real life.

The core team

The direction of the framework is being stewarded by the Rails core team. This group of long-term contributors manage releases, evaluate pull-requests, handle conduct complaints, and does a lot of the groundwork on major new features.

The committer team

In addition to the core team, we also have a committer team that assists with processing pull-requests and making changes to the framework, but does not have the keys to make final releases or set policy. All members of the core team came up through working on this team.

Akira Matsuda, Eugene Kenny, Gannon McGibbon, Javan Makhmali, Jean Boussier, John Hawthorn, Richard Schneeman, Ryuta Kamizono, Yuji Yaginuma

All other contributors


On top of these formal teams, there are thousands of other code contributors. We've tracked everyone's work on the Rails Contributors site. Beyond code contributors, the community also cherishes all the people who contribute in the many other important ways needed to have a sound community, including documentation, evangelism, organizing, and more. Thanks to all who volunteer their time to improve Ruby on Rails! ❤️

In addition, we'd like to extend a special thanks the following former Rails core team members. Lovingly known as The Alumni:

George Claghorn, Santiago Pastorino, Yves Senn, Godfrey Chan, Michael Koziarski, José Valim, Yehuda Katz, Jon Leighton, Josh Peek, Carl Lerche, Pratik Naik, Jamis Buck, Marcel Molina, Nicholas Seckar, Florian Weber, Sam Stephenson, Scott Barron, Tobias Lütke, Rick Olson

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