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  1. World
  2. Agenda
  3. 5th October 2023
  4. Session: Kylie Stradley

Everything We Learned While Implementing ActiveRecord::Encryption

GitHub encrypts your data at rest, as well as specific sensitive database columns. What you may not know is we recently replaced our in-house db column encryption strategy with ActiveRecord::Encryption, in place. While we were able to complete this transition seamlessly for GitHub’s developers, the process was not quite seamless for our team and some of our customers.

Learn why despite making all these mistakes we feel the migration was worth it to our team, GitHub developers and most importantly, GitHub customers.

  • 11:45 - 12:15
  • 5th October 2023
  • Track 2

Session Speaker

Kylie Stradley

Senior Product Security Engineer, GitHub

Kylie Stradley is a Product Security Engineer at GitHub, where she writes code to solve for classes of security vulnerabilities and paves paths for other developers to use to secure their code. She believes in making security tooling first and foremost easy to understand and easy to adopt. Outside of work Kylie enjoys gardening, winemaking, hiking and scuba diving.

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