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Save the date: Rails World 2024 will take place Sept 26 & 27 in Toronto. More details soon!

  1. World
  2. Agenda
  3. 5th October 2023
  4. Session: Adrianna Chang

Migrating Shopify’s Core Rails Monolith to Trilogy

Trilogy is a client library for MySQL-compatible database servers. It was open sourced along with an Active Record adapter by GitHub this past year. With promises of improved performance, better portability and compatibility, and fewer dependencies, Shopify’s Rails Infrastructure team decided to migrate our core Rails monolith from Mysql2 to Trilogy.

In this talk, we’ll explore why the Trilogy client was built and why Shopify wanted to adopt it. We’ll learn a bit about MySQL protocols and look at some of the missing features we implemented in order to migrate Shopify to Trilogy. Finally, we’ll discuss the impact of migrating on Shopify’s production monolith, and look at the process of upstreaming the adapter to rails/rails.

  • 13:30 - 14:00
  • 5th October 2023
  • Track 2

Session Speaker

Adrianna Chang

Senior Software Developer, Shopify

Adrianna is a senior software engineer at Shopify, and lives in Ottawa, Ontario. She works on the Rails Infrastructure team, ensuring that Shopify’s Rails applications scale well as the framework evolves. She is passionate about Ruby, open source software, and diversity and inclusion in tech. Outside of work, you’re likely to find her spending time outside or hanging out with her dog.

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