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Save the date: Rails World 2024 will take place Sept 26 & 27 in Toronto. More details soon!

  1. World
  2. Agenda
  3. 6th October 2023
  4. Session: Chris Oliver

Powerful Rails Features You Might Not Know

An unbelievable amount of features are packed into Rails making it one of the most powerful web frameworks you can use. So let’s take a look at some little known, underused, and new things in Rails 7.

A few of the topics we’ll cover:

  • ActiveRecord features like “excluding”, strict_loading, virtual columns, with_options, attr_readonly, etc
  • ActiveStorage named variants
  • ActionText embedding any database record
  • Saving ActionMailbox inbound emails in ActionText
  • Routing constraints like the “(un)authenticated” helpers in Devise
  • Overriding generator templates like scaffolds to add your own features
  • Custom Turbo Stream Actions with Hotwire
  • Turbo Native authentication with your Rails backend
  • ActiveSupport features like truncate_words
  • Rails 7.1’s new features: authentication, normalizes, logging background enqueue callers, and more.
  • 11:00 - 11:40
  • 6th October 2023
  • Track 1

Session Speaker

Chris Oliver

Founder, GoRails

Chris is the founder of GoRails, host of the Remote Ruby podcast, and creator of Jumpstart and He loves building tools to make developers’ lives easier and helping people learn to code.

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