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Save the date: Rails World 2024 will take place Sept 26 & 27 in Toronto. More details soon!

  1. World
  2. Agenda
  3. 6th October 2023
  4. Session: Yaroslav Shmarov

Hotwire Cookbook - Common Use Cases, Essential Patterns and Best Practices

Let’s see how some of the most common frontend problems can be solved with Hotwire!

We will cover:

  • Pagination, search and filtering, modals, live updates, dynamic forms, inline editing, drag & drop, live previews, lazy loading & more
  • How to achieve more by combining tools (Frames + Streams, StimulusJS, RequestJS, Kredis & more)
  • What are the limits of Hotwire?
  • How to write readable and maintainable Hotwire code?
  • Bad practices

By the end of the talk you will have an understanding of the range of problems that Hotwire and it’s ecosystem can solve to deliver a seamless frontend experience.

  • 15:00 - 15:30
  • 6th October 2023
  • Track 1

Session Speaker

Yaroslav Shmarov

Ruby on Rails mentor, SupeRails

I l-o-v-e sharing my learnings in order to empower others in their journey.

I’ve published 5 best-selling top-rated Udemy courses, with over 5000 student enrolments so far. My courses are beginner-friendly code-alongs, where you get to build a complete app from ZERO.

I created the SupeRails youtube channel about Ruby on Rails with 150+ screencasts. In my videos I try to explain concepts in minutes, that otherwise would have taken days or weeks to learn. The goal is for you to learn 10x faster than it took me!

I write a “dev log” blog, where I document the most interesting, most challenging daily programming challenges I overcome at work. I think that writing a “dev log” and documenting learnings helps with structuring knowledge. It helped me become 10x dev vs who I was.

When Hotwire was released, I worked at a startup using Rails, GraphQL and React. We were early adopters of Hotwire, and we completely rewrote our app into a Rails monolith with server-side rendering with Hotwire & ViewComponent for the design system. The frontend had complex UI interactions that were previously done with React, so I had the opportunity to solve complex problems with Hotwire, Kredis, ViewComponent, StimulusJS, RequestJS. Since then I have worked as a “Frontend owner” with different companies, where my role was to create complex UI’s with Hotwire. While working with this technology, I identified multiple common-use patterns and best practices, that I want to share!

BTW, I never got a CS degree. I am self-taught! Initially I tried out Ruby on Rails, because I needed a “School Management app” for my business. I did not find a good one on the market, so I decided to build one. With no prior experience, Rails was very fast to learn. I was amazed by scaffolds, associations, devise and Heroku - it’s all I really needed to worry about when building my app! That’s what I call Rails magic - being able to jump in and build something that provides business value with minimal experience!

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