Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Available for hire?

Posted by admin

I’m regularly getting requests from people who wants to start up Rails development, but are looking for a way to kick-start the affair by retaining one or more experts. Some make good candidates for referring to the firms listing themselves on the Commercial Support page while others are looking to hire developers into their team on either a contract or full-time basis.

It’s for the latter scenario that I’ve started the Available for Hire page on the wiki. If you’re a single developer looking for work with Ruby, please do add yourself to that page if you feel your skill set is at a level where you could consider yourself “capable” with Rails.

Defining “capable” is always hard, but you should probably at least have made significant contributions to the framework and/or have one or more Rails projects under your belt. Such a project can very well be a demo application, though. It needs not be commercial work.