Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Playing Active Records on MS SQLServer and DB2

Posted by admin

The work originally started by Joey Gibson on the MS SQLServer adapter around RubyConf is now finally nearing completion. The adapters have been charged with adding the LIMIT-condition and that made it possible to do the “SELECT TOP X” style that SQL Server needs without dirty hacks.

So the current sqlserver adapter in Subversion is actually quite functional and passing almost all of the unit tests. DeLynn Berry has accepted the responsibility for tying up the loose ends.

At the same time, Maik Schmidt has been busy finishing the DB2 adapter, which is already available as a patch on Trac. This baby is passing everything but the DB-specific OFFSET test, so you should happily be able to use that right away.

So it looks like Active Record will finally see the adoption of new adapters in the next release. On the horizon is a long-awaited Oracle adapter by Jim Weirich and a FrontBase adapter by Eric Ocean.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Jeremy Kemper has uploaded the first patch for the changes needed to make the SQLite adapter compatible with the new SQLite3 bindings by Jamis Buck.