Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Rails Cleaning up the mess

Posted by admin

Seems like the 0.9.4 release required a public launch in order to find the last snags. No game, no pain, or something. The changes are:

Action Mailer

  • Fixed sending of emails to use Tmail#from not the deprecated Tmail#from_address

Action Pack

  • Fixed bug in page caching that prevented it from working at all
  • Fixed a bug where cookies wouldn’t be set if a symbol was used instead of a string as the key
  • Added assert_cookie_equal to assert the contents of a named cookie

Active Record

  • Fixed that the belongs_to and has_one proxy would fail a test like ‘if project.manager’ — this unfortunately also means that you can’t call methods like project.manager.build unless there already is a manager on the project #492 [Tim Bates]
  • Fixed that the Ruby/MySQL adapter wouldn’t connect if the password was empty #503 [Pelle]


  • Added 5-second timeout to WordNet alternatives on creating reserved-word models #501 [Marcel Molina]
  • Fixed binding of caller #496 [Alexey]

…you may need to use “gem install rails”, and not just “gem update”, to install the latest version.