Friday, November 25, 2005

Penny Arcade is serving up the funny from Rails

Posted by David

Penny Arcade has been a personal long-time favorite, so I’m delighted to hear that their latest redesign features a backend that’s entirely done in Rails. Woop. Gabe, who’s obviously not the programmer behind the engine, writes:

Along with the slick new visuals the guts of the site also got a huge upgrade. Penny Arcade right now represents one of the largest implementations of “rails” on the intertron. I went and looked at a website about rails and then I got a headache. From what I gathered it’s either some kind of cutting edge programming language, or a way to liquefy a man’s brain inside his skull. I’m told that it means the site looks better and loads faster regardless of whatever hippy web browser you decide to use. Fuck M$!