Thursday, December 29, 2005

Apache gets serious about FastCGI

Posted by David

Brian McCallister reports that the Apache team has decided to revive mod_fcgi as mod_proxy_fcgi with intentions of proper support for external FCGIs and a place in the core Apache distribution.

This is fantastic news! Paul Querna and Garrett Rooney deserves much praise for embarking on this important quest to restore our faith in Apache as a worthy web server for applications. Not only will this mean that FCGI is no longer a bastard child on Apache 2.x, but also that it’ll have active maintenance and people to turn to if things are sour.

Speaking of sour. Please do forward all your grapes to Brian McCallister or the FastCGI Developers list. Any trouble you’ve had in the past with FCGI and Apache or things you’d like to see happen.

Viva la Apache!