Thursday, February 10, 2005

Joe Agliozzo is looking for a Rails developer

Posted by admin

Joe Agliozzo is looking to hire a Rails developer for a freelance project to work on an application that will “…allow users to post local restaurants, shops, attractions etc. to the database along with reviews and ‘star’ ratings. Comments and additions to the posts by users will also be allowed.” Sounds like a fun community project.

Here’s what he’s looking for in a developer:

The developer hired wll be provided with wire frame layouts of all pages, and a feature set summary will also be provided. Architecture of the db and programming is left to the discretion of the programmer. There will be as little “reinventing the wheel” as possible. I intend to use industry standard interfaces, etc.. such as uses in posting book reviews. Please include at least one example of similar site you have done in Ruby already.

Sounds interesting to you? Get in touch with Joe at joeag [at] gte [dot] net as soon as possible.