Thursday, February 17, 2005

Commercial training in Rails

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Tobias Luekte has had great success introducing newcomers to Rails. He provides tutoring sessions with hand-holding, sing-alongs, and all that good stuff that makes you really get what’s going on much, much faster than picking everything up on your own. He’s now offering this service to the public at large, so if you just got into Rails and want to purchase some focused training to help you get up to speed faster, Tobias is your man.

A few quotes from people how has had the pleasure so far:

“Tobias’ deep knowledge of the entire Rails system is what finally gave my company the confidence to go ahead with this project. His wisdom and insight into such things as database setup helped immensely. He has a great way of walking through real-world situations instead of merely abstract or simplistic scholastic examples.”
— Derek Sivers,

“Tobias’ support and mentoring has been invaluable — why spend a few hours hacking away with trial-and-error code when someone with real experience can solve the problem and clearly explain it to me in a fraction of the time?”
— Justin French,

The training can even be performed remote using VNC and Skype/phone. Read more at Leetsoft.