Friday, March 11, 2005

'Broke down, saw the light, whatever you want to call it'

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Rails is certainly going through rapid improvement. Marcel Molina used to joke on #rubyonrails that he was so busy refactoring his application to take advantage of all the new goodies coming out that he didn’t have time to do any real work.

The rapid improvement is increasing the number of people for whom Rails hits the sweet spot, though. Kellan Elliot-McCrea from LaughingMeme writes:

Broke down, saw the light, whatever you want to call it, but I finally whipped up my first Rails app last night.

When I first looked at Rails a few months ago, I liked what I saw but was frustrated by the extreme magicalness of the framework which baked a number of assumptions into your app I wasn’t willing to concede. Turns out Rails hit the sweet spot of being good enough, the sweet spot where people pile on and the framework has improved rapidly.

Did you look at Rails a few months ago and decided it wasn’t you yet? Perhaps it is now.