Saturday, March 12, 2005

\'It\'s like your programming back in Assembly\'

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Shanti A. Braford is being forced back into PHP after getting jiggy with Ruby on Rails. He’s not liking it one bit:

Programming a web application in PHP feels a lot like reinventing the wheel, after having learned Ruby on Rails… Welcome to the world of a Rails developer who has drunk the Kool-Aid but has gone back to the world of PHP. You’re used to things just working so easily and intuitively, like magic almost, yet they don’t anymore… It’s like your programming back in Assembly after learning a high-level language like Java or something.

With this level of discontent, I sure hope he has deeper reasons for going back than not wanting to make a Ebay WS wrapper (should hardly take more than a few hours, tops) and a responder to a DHTML cropper (RMagick is wonderful).

Is the trade really worth it, Shanti?