Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Web-Entwicklung mit Ruby on Rails

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Following the announcement of Dave Thomas’ upcoming book Agile Web Development with Rails, comes word of the first German book on Rails. It’s going to be called “Web-Entwicklung mit Ruby on Rails” and is currently being written by Ralf Wirdemann and Thomas Baustert on a publishing deal with Hanser targeting a December/January release.

Ralf Wirdemann introduces the book with:

“Web-Entwicklung mit Ruby on Rails” adresses Web-Developers who are frustrated with the complexity of existing technologies like J2EE. We also hope to get some PHP-people on board who are interested in developing well designed and maintainable web applications.

The book should act as a guide to practical web development with Rails. The book will consist of some basic chapters which introduce the rails development fundamentals. Based on these chapters advanced topics will be covered in subsequent chapters (like domain-driven design or Rails best practices). Another emphasis of the book will be test-driven development with Rails.

And their motivations for writing a book on Rails:

We are Software Developers and Consultants in Hamburg / Germany. The emphasis ouf our work is the development of serverside enterprise software. After several years of J2EE development we’ve discoverd Rails eight months ago and we are enthusiastic on how enjoyable and productive the development of well designed web applications can be

Best of luck, gentlemen. Can’t wait to fill up my shelves with even more titles on Rails.