Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Patching Ruby-FastCGI for leaks and exceptions

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Apparently, Ruby-FastCGI is one leaky pipe. It’s currently happily disposing of up to 16K per request. Not particularly helpful for the long-running processes like FastCGIs. But have no fear, Kirk Haines is near. And plugged the holes, he has.

Read all about the patch and get it from Kirk’s FCGI Patch for Ruby FCGI 0.8.5 page.

Additionally, 0.8.5 isn’t raising the original exception when it dies, which makes it pretty hard to debug. But luckily, Aredridel made a patch to get the original exception bubbled up a while back. Apply that while you’re at it.

Note: As Ruby-FastCGI has temporarily disappeared from the RAA listing, you might like to know that the direct link is http://www.moonwolf.com/ruby/archive/ruby-fcgi-0.8.5.tar.gz