Saturday, March 5, 2005

Rails praise from around the web

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The latest article by Curt Hibbs and the excellent Four Days with Rails are working wonders to attracting new people to Rails. Here are some of the snippets from people who’ve been blogging their discovery of Rails the past few days.

Nicholas Jon lists Ruby on Rails as Things to Learn:

Everyone seems to be all-a-twitter with this framework. I started messing around with this last weekend and am hooked. At this point it’s a little like listening to an Italian opera — I can tell everyone’s saying beautiful things, I just haven’t a clue what any of it means.

…in the comments, Todd follows up with:

The more I use Rails the more I like it. Partly because it’s improving all the time and partly because I find out new ways to make development less painful with it. I was burning out pretty bad using PHP.

Shane picks up on the over-serving riff and writes:

Rails fills a gap that has existed in web frameworks for a long time. You have J2EE which is geared towards the most complex projects, and then you have server side scripting which can be used for simpler projects. Rails fits right in the middle, which I believe satisfies the requirements of a majority of the projects out there.

Zef Hemel is digging into the scaffolding fun and ease of installation:

I love Ruby on Rails. It’s very easy to use and seems very productive. I’ve often complained about the amount of work that you have to put into applications that basically don’t do much more than adding, editting, linking and removing entities. RoR makes this very easy… What I also liked is how easy it was to get started. On Windows all I needed was to download the Ruby installer and MySQL and I was ready to go. It was very easy to install RoR by using gems and as RoR came with the Webrick webserver, there was no confusing Apache configuration or anything.