Monday, March 7, 2005

Rails 0.10.1: FCGI stability, WS generator, tons of fixes

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This is the point release to tie up the various loose ends introduced with Rails 0.10.0. Action Web Service has seen the most interesting improvements feature-wise with a new generator and tie-ins with the testing setup. There’s better support for XML-RPC: Instead of performing type checking on the parameters the remote client sends, AWS does casting to try and make it compatible with the signature instead, but if it fails, passes the parameter through anyway. And cleaner support for “prefix.methodName” XML-RPC methods with a new dispatching mode named :layered (this is an incompatible change for XML-RPC services that use namespaced XML method names: metaWeblog/blogger implementations will require changes).

As Basecamp moved to lighttpd/FCGI this past week, we also got a bunch of good fixes in that increases the stability of FCGI in a production environment quite a lot. No more FCGI dying and in case uncaught exceptions are raised, you’ll know about it in log/fastcgi.crash.log.

In total, we managed to squeeze in no less than 52 additions, changes, fixes, and tweaks. See all the changes in the changelogs for Rails, Active Record, Action Pack, Active Support, and Action Web Service.

No application changes should be required. Update using gem update rails