Friday, April 15, 2005

Portland Rails presentation draws full house

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Lucas Carlson talks about how Portland is turning into a power zone for Rails development and how great his presentation there went last night:

Last night I gave a presentation about Rails to what was supposed to be the local Perl mongers and Ruby group. Usually, between 6-10 people show up to either meeting, so I was expecting 20-25 people. But Rails pulled people out of the cracks and the turnout was around 50 people.

Overall, the crowd seemed very happy and excited, many oooos and ahhhhs. A lot of people emailed me afterwards saying that they were planning on starting their first Rails sites.

You should get involved with your local Java, Perl, Python, or PHP user groups too. Let the rhetoric take a back seat for a little while and show your fellow programmers what it is we have here in Ruby on Rails land. No reason hoggin all the tool toys for yourself. Sharing is so much more fun.