Friday, April 15, 2005

Rails Day: Make an application in 24 hours and win!

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Since Rails is supposedly this über-productive bag of lightning bolts, you should be able to accomplish great things within a single clip of 24 hours, right? That’s the assumption Rails Day is setting out to prove. A competition to build something meaningful, cool, neat, and/or beautiful that’ll be judged by a panel of experts including yours truly and Dave Thomas.

There’s even a great give-away happening. The best applications can win an Apple Mac Mini (courtesy of the ever-fantastic TextDrive— are you signed up yet?), an iPod Mini from the crew at Odeo, 6 books from the Pragmatic Bookshelf, lifetime Basecamp basic subscription, and more. It’s a true shower of gifts.

The whole shebang is going down on June 4th. Read more at