Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Rails 0.12.1: No major update without a bit of pain

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There’s nothing like pushing a new major update in order to find bugs in the code when its exposed to a couple of hundred working applications. Thankfully the fixes were almost as swift as the reports. In any case, you’ll definitely want to upgrade to 0.12.1 right away. There’s a good handful of fixes for both Action Pack and Active Record (mostly concerning the new eager loading).

Here’s the dirt, so you don’t have to go look it up. First for Action Pack:

  • Added xml_http_request/xhr method for simulating XMLHttpRequest in functional tests #1151 [Sam Stephenson]. Example: xhr :post, :index
  • Fixed that Ajax.Base.options.asynchronous wasn’t being respected in Ajax.Request (thanks Jon Casey)
  • Fixed that :get, :post, and the others should take a flash array as the third argument just like process #1144 [rails@cogentdude.com]
  • Fixed a problem with Flash.now
  • Fixed stringification on all assigned hashes. The sacrifice is that assigns[:person] won’t work in testing. Instead assigns[“person”] or assigns(:person) must be used. In other words, the keys of assigns stay strings but we’ve added a method-based accessor to appease the need for symbols.
  • Fixed that rendering a template would require a connection to the database #1146

Then for Active Record:

  • Fixed frivilous database queries being triggered with eager loading on empty associations and other things
  • Fixed order of loading in eager associations
  • Fixed stray comma when using eager loading and ordering together from has_many associations #1143

Updating, as always, couldn’t be easier than gem install rails --include-dependencies.