Sunday, May 1, 2005

Seeing is believing, part 342

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Tobias Luekte gave Medsphere where Todd Berman works a visit and quickly turned doubt into believing:

Tobias, in one day, with rails was able to put together a webapp for us that would normally take a week at least to write. For even more coolness points, it used ajax where it made sense, and did a full postback where that made sense. It was absolutely amazing to see someone use this. Up until then, I was kinda doubtful about rails, but now I am totally sold. As far as a web application platform, I can’t think of a single thing better.

This was just one of a few stops Tobias made on his trip down to Orange County. A trip that was as much about personal believing as convincing others:

Its great to talk about rails with people face to face and Its even greater to see the adoption rate increase so radical and even make it into new industries daily. Its exciting times and It will only get better. Rails is where its at.