Saturday, May 21, 2005

David Siegel wants to build his film app in Rails

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David Siegel has been working on an interesting database for the structure of films:

Some people know me as a type designer, a web designer, an entrepreneur, author, or public speaker. Few people know that for the past 20 years i’ve been working on building a database of story structure information taken from popular Hollywood films. I now have an assistant, Kevin, and together we are cranking out the data. It’s a lot of work. Each film has a potential 3,000 data items associated with it. In the past two years, we have managed to complete 100 films. We are rolling now and hope to have 200 by the end of this 2005. We do all the data gathering in excel.

He’s looking to team up with one or more Railers on either pay or barter basis:

I am looking for people to help. I want to put the project on the right footing (i.e., Ruby on Rails) and work with good people to realize it. I am willing to pay, but I would love to find a group that will barter with me for my user-interface and design skills. I can help with client projects and bring a lot of credibility to any team doing web development work. If you are a group of good engineers/programmers/developers with big projects and you need a partner to help with design/interface issues, this would be a very good fit.

See more at his posting for the Story Structure Project.