Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Appreciating the functional testing in Rails

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Jonathan Nolen and his buddy David has been having a lot of fun practicing eXtreme Programming with Rails over the weekend. He’s most impressed by the support for functional testing:

With Rails, however, you can easily functional testing — where they go, how they’re routed to get there, and whether or not they have the data you expect when they finally render. And it’s done in a dead-simple way. No Cactus, no mock container, no extra framework to install. It’s all built right in. Now, it won’t cover everything — browser differences, javascript, etc. But it covers so much more than we’ve been able to manage in our Java project.

Thanks, Jonathan. We’ve tried really hard to make testing so easy that it feels like fun, not a chore. Now that you’ve checked out functional tests, do dig deeper into the great mock support in Rails.