Friday, June 17, 2005

Slashdotted: Agile Web Development with Rails

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As the 6th Slashdotting of Rails comes a review of the Agile Web Development with Rails book. It’s written from the perspective of a PHP programmer who’s coming to terms with the patterns and approaches used. And he’s certainly enjoying the move:

Whether you believe the hype or not of “super productivity,” “Ten times faster development,” and “Better than anything else,” Ruby on Rails is a great tool to add to your belt. In fact, I find myself using it exclusively for Web apps, and I catch myself using python and PHP less and less and Ruby more and more for my day to day programs.

If you want to learn Ruby on Rails, Agile Web Development with Ruby on Rails is a great choice, and will probably be the definitive book on the subject.

The ensuing comments definitely also reflect the time passed since the first Slashdotting. There’s less ignorant wailing and more insightful help and suggestions. With enough exposure the baseline of knowledge is bound to rise.