Friday, July 1, 2005

Rico does scrolling table on top of Prototype

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Sam Stephenson and I met the Sabre team at the O’Reilly/Adaptive Path Ajax Summit a few months back. Their presentation of a scrolling table was part of their very nice line-up of widgets build on Ajax. Talking with Bill and Darren, we got speaking about cooperation, which has now lead to their framework called Rico being build on top of Prototype.

And now they have their LiveGrid widget ported to this framework that let’s you build long lists of endless scrolling (thousands of results without paging). They got an example with Yahoo Search and one with a plain data table. They currently only work in Firefox and IE, so no Safari (but that’s gotta be coming as Bill switched to the Mac at home).

Bill has a long post entilted Death to Paging! – Rico LiveGrid Released that further explains the workings of the widget. Good stuff, guys. Keep it coming.