Monday, July 18, 2005

The Rails weblog moves to Typo (finally!)

Posted by admin

When we originally launched, none of the Rails-based blogging engines were really up to the task of running the show. But with the appearance of Typo and it’s massive uptake and rapid improvement, we have a very viable solution now. So goodbye, WordPress! You served us in a crunch, but I’m also very pleased to see you go.

The switch means that we’ll actually be able to keep comments open without the blogging engine mysteriously shutting them off. And that we’ll hopefully be even better equipped to combat spam.

Thanks once more to Tobias Luekte for blessing the world of Rails blogging with Typo.

And thanks to Jan and the rest of the lighttpd team for creating just a spiffy web server. We’re serving both this blog and the manuals site of lighttpd now.