Sunday, July 24, 2005

Less infrastructure, more business logic

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David from Canada is working on “…a web application to support restaurant/pub/bar managers in their efforts to schedule staff efficiently” using Ruby on Rails. He recounts his experience:

Rails, and the Ruby language, gets completely out of my way. It lets me devote nearly all of my brain power to the business problem that I am trying to solve, rather than how to solve it in the language/framework/tool that I’m using. Instead of worrying about how to implement user logins and access control, database access, and other problems that, frankly, add nearly no value to the customer, I am able to focus on solving their problems. This is where Rails has really shone for me.

This is exactly what the Agile Web Development with Rails book tries to get across too. Ruby on Rails brings you closer to the customer and her business concerns because there’s just so much less boring infrastructure to busy your mind with.