Monday, July 25, 2005

Deliver better and enjoy more for the same amount

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Spin Technologies traded in their ASP.NET/C# tools for a fresh set of Ruby on Rails to develop part of their Tasting Australia site. They liked the experience:

Well, in the ASP.Net, C# world, a lot of your time is spent writing code that tells your application how to talk to the database (Data Access Layers, XML Config files and all sorts of ugliness). Once you have that built (and tested), you need to created objects and controls to store that data. Then you need to write Stored Procedures to access the data in the SQL Server. And so on.

All of this is both time consuming and stultifyingly dull. Because you don’t have to do any of this in Rails (well, you do have to create your objects, but that’s easy peasy) you get to spend more time thinking about the application, how it works, and how to make it easier to use.

This means two things: Firstly, we can deliver a better website for the same amount of money, and secondly, we get to have more fun while we’re doing it, because we are continually astounded by Ruby and Rails.