Monday, July 4, 2005

'These folks have their priorities all wrong'

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Brian McCallister is frustrated that Ruby on Rails is taking away his joyful life as a tool smith. Always creating new libraries and frameworks. Now with all that stuff taken care of, he’s left having to do the actual work:

Along comes RoR, now I find myself having to bear down and implement the actually business functionality for the application. Now it is “implement a SOAP/HTTP service to allow the Swing client to post back its offline changes” and “build an arbitrarily queryable entity-change audit report.” This is no fun compared to writing a config file parser or persistence abstraction layer that can transparently swap out any number of relational databases, orm frameworks, ldap backends, or transaction log based in-memory systems!

That’s bad news when you’re a self-professed “library and framework writing junky”. At least he gets to talk about it. Brian is doing a session at ApacheCon Europe later this month entitled Cheap, Fast, and Good: You can have it all with Ruby on Rails.

Have a great conference, Brian!