Thursday, July 7, 2005

Nicholas Seckar makes the commit team!

Posted by admin

He rose through the ranks of contributors quickly with the great implementation of Routes, but has since put his mark on so much more. Including the dependency management system and lots of other tricky parts of Rails. In the just released 0.13, he was single-handedly responsible for about a quarter of the patches going in.

Thus, I got sick of rarely-to-never having a finger to put on his patches and merely serving as a commit lackey. It’s due time that he was granted the ability to do so himself.

Please do welcome Nicholas Seckar of Toronto, Canada as the latest member of the commit team. He joins Jeremy Kemper, Jamis Buck, and myself.

Can you believe that this guy actually has availability in his calendar to take on new projects? It’s true. So if you’re looking to hire a freelancer that really knows Rails, this is a great opportunity. Write him at nseckar at gmail dot com.