Thursday, August 25, 2005

A guide for changing programming languages

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So what’s Duane Gran to do? He clearly has the hots for Ruby on Rails:

If your group develops web-based applications, you need to know about Ruby on Rails. It isn’t magic, but spend a day with it and you will probably agree that it is the closest thing to magic you’ve seen in IT in the last few years. If this sounds like a lot of bravado, it is, but mine is just one of many voices in the crowd praising Ruby on Rails. Elegant and robust systems are built with Rails in a fraction of the time spent on previous platforms.

But how can you translate that into changing the programming language and platform for your company? That’s what his post A guide for changing programming languages is all about. The arguments and approach that he and Erik Hatcher used to their shop around from using Java to going with Ruby on Rails.