Monday, August 8, 2005

Rails jobs aplenty: Six new open positions!

Posted by admin

The Rails job market continues to pick up pace. Here are a total of six new positions open for developers ready to leave the old world behind and join the hundreds of people working with Ruby on Rails professionally:

  • Site5 is looking for two senior Rails developers and one Rails designer/developer to join their already sizable Rails development team. The latter is specified as the “…ideal developer/designer candidate has a complete understanding of both user interface design and object-oriented programming”. Contact Matt Lightner to apply.
  • Money Management Group are looking for a Quantitative Systems Developer (whatever that means exactly) to help them use Ruby on Rails to develop, manage, and test trading systems for their dealings in the financial sector.
  • Vespa is looking for preferably a Denver-native (but could be telecommuting) developer to help them finish a Ruby on Rails system and be “…comfortable with complex database design and relations”. Write Dale Hawkins to apply.
  • Aasman Design Inc. in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada is seeking a full-time web developer with strong knowledge of Ruby on Rails and who also places great value in an excellent user experience.