Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rails commit team jumps to 12 members

Posted by admin

Rails has converged enough in both code, culture, and ambition to expand the commit team to include all members of the Rails core team that have been active for at least six months. The entire list of committers is as follows (new members in italic):

  • David Heinemeier Hansson (nextangle)
  • Florian Weber (csshsh)
  • Jamis Buck (minam)
  • Jeremy Kemper (bitsweat)
  • Leon Breedt (bitserf)
  • Marcel Molina Jr. (noradio)
  • Michael Koziarski (nzkoz)
  • Nicholas Seckar (ulysses)
  • Sam Stephenson (sam-)
  • Scott Barron (htonl)
  • Thomas Fuchs (madrobby)
  • Tobias Luetke (xal)

Congratulations to the eight “newcomers”. Bask in the glory of being a Rails committer!