Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ruby/Rails in the Valley: the Silicon Valley Ruby Conference

Posted by chad

David Black sends along this note about the upcoming Silicon Valley Ruby Conference, which features Rails core’s own Marcel Molina Jr. and Jeremy Kemper:

Ruby Central is a name you can trust in conferences (RubyConf and
RailsConf), and now Ruby Central has teamed up with SDForum to present

Silicon Valley Ruby Conference April 22-23, 2006

The impetus for this event was SDForum’s interest in producing a top-notch conference with a regional focus but with broad Ruby/Rails
appeal. SDForum asked Ruby Central to co-produce the event, and
the Silicon Valley Ruby Conference is the result.

Who should attend this conference? Everyone who didn’t get into
RailsConf. Plus, everyone who DID get into RailsConf! Don’t let the
subtle marketing fool you: this is one of the major Ruby/Rails events
of the year.

Speakers include:

and many others.

Questions? Contact David Black (