Sunday, April 2, 2006

Production Rails: Rails Training Gets Deeper and More Focused

Posted by chad

As the art of Rails development matures, so do the ways we teach and learn about it. Following the release of Rails 1.1, the state of Rails training just took a small step forward along with it.

Mike Clark just announced a new course from the perpetually-sold-out Pragmatic Studio on Production Rails deployment.

Since the release of Rails, teams have been steadily forming around new products and projects in Rails. While there have been a lot of great resources for learning how to do Rails development_, this is the first in a sure-to-be-expanding market for training and documentation on how best to deploy and manage a production Rails application. The course is being taught by Rails Studio veteran and Pragmatic Project Automationkit/au/index.html author Mike Clark and Rails deployment expert (not to mention creator of Tomcat and Ant) James Duncan Davidson.

The location and exact time haven’t yet been decided, so signing up to be notified just may have an impact.

How do you think the training and documentation market for Rails will continue to evolve? What would you like to see next?