Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jobster looking for lots of Rails developers

Posted by marcel

Jobster is buying into Rails big time. Over the next few months they are looking to hire no fewer than 10 developers. Those over in the Getting Real camp may cringe at the idea of bulking up your team so quickly, but Jobster CEO Jason Goldberg aims to keep things small and nimble:

One of the cool things we have done at jobster
(we think) is to foster small teams which take on big projects in rapid
cycles. Rails makes that possible. With 12 more devs, for instance, we
would spin up 4 significant projects.

So far Rails has indeed proven to be a great fit.

A team of three engineers tasked with prototyping a compelling consumer
product in one month. They where given complete freedom to do what they
wanted, and to build on top of whatever technology they chose. They chose
ruby on rails, completed a successful prototype that will be pushed to our
live site shortly. It was so successful that rails will be the technology
that all our new consumer features will be built on.

Maybe being on one of these teams sounds like a good fit for you. Check out what they are looking for.