Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Agile Web Development with Rails goes second edition

Posted by David

It’s back. Agile Web Development with Rails is now available in a 50%-done beta version of its second edition. Pretty much everything is getting a major overhaul. All the cool stuff we’ve added in Rails 1.1 is covered in the same structure that people so liked from the first version.

It’s wonderful to be able to present a version two of the primary title that has helped so many people get into Rails. And through the wonders of PDFs and agile publishing, to have it available so soon.

So if you’re interested in getting the latest scoop on everything from RJS, to join models, to migrations, to RESTful interfaces, to Capistrano, this is most definitely the book to get.

P.S.: Just so you don’t feel buyers remorse two days after getting a PDF of the first edition, anyone that bought that PDF on or after April 1st gets a free upgrade to the second edition.

Both Dave Thomas and I covered the announcement in additional detail.