Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Railways at Reboot 8

Posted by marcel

Finnish superstar Jarkko Laine, who’s been in the Rails community since day one, is going to be hosting a discussion this Thursday around 9PM at Reboot 8 in Copenhagen called The Railways.

The idea of
the discussion is to bring together people who have already dipped
their toes in the Rails koolaid with those who have contemplated doing so but have not yet made the jump. The conversation will be around
topics like:

  • What in the Rails way has struck people as most important?
    What has made the most difference?
  • Real-world war stories. How has Rails made something possible/
    easier/more productive?
  • Whatever people feel is important to tell Rails newbies.

All Rails people attending Reboot are kindly asked to participate in
the discussion and think beforehand of a few good stories they can
tell to spread the love.