Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rails System Back on Track

Posted by danp

Hopefully you didn’t notice, but I’ve been very busy this weekend. I finally took the plunge and got all the Rails applications that run on this machine up to snuff. All applications hosted here are now deployed with Capistrano, run under Mongrel (using the mongrel_cluster plugin) with requests being handled by Apache 2.2 and proxied to Mongrel by the mod_proxy_balancer module. So far it seems to be working great. You’ll notice that the Wiki, the Manuals and the weblog are all much zippier. The machine seems to be much happier as well.

And, to cap off all this fun, the weblog has been migrated from Typo to Mephisto, the blog/CMS engine from Rails Core member Rick Olson. The feed has also been moved to FeedBurner and redirects have been put in place so your reader should make the change automatically. If not, just subscribe here.

Thanks to everyone who helped me check and test things! Trac improvements are next on my list. Stay tuned!