Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New from O'Reilly: RJS Templates for Rails

Posted by marcel

Cody Fauser has just announced the release of his PDF-only book RJS Templates for Rails.

From almost the day we checked rjs into the repository, Cody was quickly singling himself out as an expert. When he found out they weren’t going to make the 1.0 release, he made an rjs plugin available for those staying back at 1.0. Before we had extensive documentation, he was doing the dirty work, putting together various tutorials and explanations. Many of you likely learned about rjs from Cody. And now, many more of you likely will too.

Jaded Pixel wisely brought him onto their team. He’s applied his rjs skills to great effect on Shopify.

As a reviewer of RJS Templates for Rails, I can attest to it being comprehensive and up to date. The book provides a tutorial style guide to using rjs then at the end there is a full reference. Most impressively, Cody is a solid technical writer. I’m quite sure this is his first book yet it reads like it was written by someone who’s been doing this for years. I hope it’s not his last.

You can get a copy for 9 bucks.