Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Enterprise Ruby Studio

Posted by marcel

Right on the heels of Martin Fowler writing up Enterprise Rails, the Pragmatic Studio has announced the addition of their latest studio, Enterprise Ruby, the first of which will be taught by Relevance LLC’s Stu Halloway and Justin Gehtland in Boston, September 11-13.

Some of the material they’ll be covering includes metaprogramming, domain specific languages, LDAP, XML, and web services. These topics and more will help use learn how to use the power and expressiveness of Ruby, and how to use it as your enterprise “glue.”

Those who attended Stu Halloway and Justin Gehtland’s talk at RailsConf on Rails internals already know how engaging they are as speakers. They are also currently working on the upcoming Rails for Java Programmers book.

Though not Rails specific, they do incorporate Rails in parts of the course and learning such things as LDAP and web services in Ruby is directly applicable to your Rails work.

Sign up by July 31st for a $200 early registration discount. You can register at