Saturday, July 29, 2006

Typo 4.0 released, with Rails App Installer

Posted by rick

I’m only a week behind on the release of Typo 4. Typo is one of the oldest and most visible of Rails open source projects, so it’s always nice to see a new release. Out of all the new features and bug fixes, what really stood out for me was the Typo installer. Scott has recently extracted this into its own gem, ready for inclusion with your own Rails applications!

Typo now includes a .gem-based installer that makes it easy to install Typo. Just install the Typo gem (gem install typo) and run the Typo installer (typo install /some/path) to create a new Typo blog in /some/path. The installer will install all of Typo’s files, create a working set of config files, create a SQLite database for you, and start the Mongrel web server on a random TCP port. It’ll also create a set of sample Apache and Lighttpd configuration files to show you how to tie Typo into your existing web server. — Typo Installer