Sunday, August 20, 2006

Trac and SVN gets new powerful machine

Posted by David

After an extended period of troublesome Trac times, we’ve finally addressed the problem once and for all. Courtesy of TextDrive, we now have a new mega-powerful super machine dedicated to Trac and SVN. Instead of loads in the 30’es, it’s now below 1. So get all of your pending patches and tickets into the system. It now actually works.

And thanks to the move of the mailing list to Google Groups, there’s still enough power on the old server to run the wiki, the manuals site, and the weblog without slowdowns. We ruffled a few feathers during the move (some people took it harder than others, one guy wanted to hunt down and kill the responsible, eeks!), but we’re happy to report that in terms of providing breathing room for the overloaded servers, it worked like a charm.