Tuesday, January 29, 2008

RailsConf '08: Registration is open!

Posted by David

The registration for RailsConf ‘08 is now open. And if previous years are any indications, I’d register sooner rather than later if you intend to go. We’re returning to the same conference hall in Portland as last year, so we won’t be able to fit materially more people, despite the fact that so many new faces has joined the community this year.

The conference is happening from May 26th till June 1st. If you register before April 10th, there’s a $100 discount.

The content this year will also take a step up in terms of experience required for many sessions. Less “I’m just getting started, how does it work?” and more “I’ve been doing this for a while, how can I become better?”.

A good number of the sessions are already announced, as well as the tutorials. But the keynote names are still being pinned down. And we’re also reserving some session slots for emerging topics as we get closer to the conference.

Would you believe that this is going to be our fifth RailsConf? That’s just incredible. I can’t fathom that time has passed by so quickly. And I can’t wait to meet everyone again this year in Portland. The atmosphere at RailsConf is always radiant with enthusiasm and passion. People who love what they do are very contagious to be around.