Friday, November 14, 2008

Rails 2.2 RC2: Last stop before final

Posted by David

Rails 2.2 has been baking for long enough now. This is the last taste before the goodies are served. So please install and check it out. See if you can find any regressions or bugs in any of the new stuff, so we can have it all delicious by the time we ring the dinner bell (ok, ok, I’ll put down the food metaphor now).

This release also conciedes with the fact that we’ve branches 2-2-stable, which means that master is now actually targeting Rails 2.3/3.0. There’s also a tag available for this RC as v2.2.1.

If you missed RC1, have a look at the Rails 2.2 release notes to see the major additions. You can see what’s new since RC1 in these two This Week in Edge Rails.

To install, you must first have RubyGems 1.3.1:
gem update --system.

Then you can:
gem install rails -s