Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Two New Weekly Columns

Posted by Gregg Pollack

I’d like to introduce two new contributors to the Rails blog.

First up is Chu Yeow. Chu has been putting together weekly Living on the Edge blog posts where he covers what’s been going on in Edge Rails. It seemed to me like it should be on the official blog, so expect to see his weekly updates showing up here shortly.

Secondly is Antonio Cangiano. Antonio started doing blog posts entitled This Week in Ruby a few months back which, as you might expect, cover all the significant events of the prior week. Antonio has agreed to move his weekly “Rails” stories over here, so we can all benefit from getting a summary of what’s going on in the neighborhood.

Then I should probably say a word about me, it’s not like I’m on the core team or work at 37 Signals so why am I here? I’m Gregg Pollack, one of the Rails Envy guys, and I’m here to help cover stories and help shape up the RubyOnRails.org website so the real core team can focus on coding.

So if you have any Rails stories that belong on here please email me (Gregg at RailsEnvy). Worst case scenario I’ll cover it on the next Rails Envy Podcast.