Friday, January 23, 2009

This Week in Edge Rails

Posted by Mike Gunderloy

January 17, 2009 -January 23, 2009

Edge Rails saw 28 commits this week. Here’s a look at some of them. As always, you’ll want to go back to the GitHub commit list if you want to look at every single change. As we near 2.3, many of the commits we’re seeing are bug fixes rather than new features, and I’m generally not covering those here.

More Rack Middleware

The Rack-ification of Rails continues, with more and more Rails code being refactored into Rack middleware. This week, parsers for XML, JSON, and YAML got moved into ActionController::ParamsParser middleware. In the long run, this sort of refactoring will make many of Rails services open to other Rack clients, without every framework needing to reinvent all of the same wheels. commit


If you were one of the people who got used to running script/performance/request to look at performance based on integration tests, you need to learn a new trick: that script has been removed from core Rails now. But don’t worry if you depend on it. There’s a new request_profiler plugin that you can install to get the exact same functionality back.

Also on the deprecation list is ActionController::Base#session_enabled?, which now returns a deprecation warning when you try to use it. But given that sessions are lazy-loaded now, to disable them all you need to do to disable them is to not use them in the first place. commit

Local Caching for All!

Last week, we saw an improvement to caching performance when using MemCacheStore, keeping a local request cache to avoid redundant reads. This week, that work was refactored so that it can be used with any remote store. commit