Friday, September 4, 2009

Ruby on Rails 2.3.4: Security Fixes

Posted by michael

We’ve released Ruby on Rails 2.3.4, this release fixes bugs and introduces a few minor features. Due to the inclusion of two security fixes, all users of the 2.3 series are recommended to upgrade as soon as possible.

Security Fixes

2.3.4 contains fixes for two security issues which were reported to us. For more details see the security announcements:

Bug Fixes

Thanks to the success of the BugMash we have around 100 bug fixes as part of this release. Of particular not is the fix to reloading problems related to rack middleware and rails metals when running in development mode.

New Features

  • Support for bundling I18n translations in plugins, Rails will now automatically add locale files found in any engine’s locale directory to the I18n.load_path. commit
  • Added db/seeds.rb as a default file for storing seed data for the database. Can be loaded with rake db:seed commit