Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ruby on Rails 2.3.8 Released

Posted by Jeremy Kemper

The 2.3.7 release slipped out the door too hastily. Fixing compatibility with the rails_xss plugin inadvertently forced everyone to use it. Facepalm.

I apologize for wasting a chunk of your day on installing what ought to have been a patch-level update only to find it breaks your app. That’s well out of line with our stable release process and it’s my fault for stepping out of it. I got caught up in a sky-is-falling response to a 2.3.6 bug that affected a handful of users and responded with a fix that exposed a new flaw to nearly all users, despite testing and sanity checking.

Thanks for all your feedback today. We hear you, and yes, a thousand times yes. Every stable release, including point releases, deserves the same methodical drumbeat on its march from git stable to to .pre gem to final gem. Expect no less.

Now, on to the gem-cutting: Rails 2.3.8 is available now, bringing us back to stable ground.